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End of the month PARTAY

How did you guys do?  Did you enjoy the read alongs?  Meet your goals?  Tell me what you read this month!  Since Artemis Fowl was my recommendation, I admit I am especially interested to hear if you enjoyed it. :D


I did indeed finish the as-yet published Horus Heresy books - the last few were really quite good! I recommend these for anyone interested in militaristic sci-fi or sci-fi political thrillers; knowledge of the 40K universe is not needed (I dabble, but I didn't know anything about the fluff that they use in the books, so everything was new to me).

I have not made any further progress in Alice in Zombieland...I have been too busy with school work. :(

Why I love Artemis Fowl so much: it's a heist novel masquerading as YA fantasy. I love watching Artemis pit his wits against the resources of the fairies, and while it's not as evident in the first one, I love watching Artemis grow up in the subsequent books. Colfer's characters are SO rich and their interaction is so fascinating, especially between Artemis and Butler and then between Holly and Root - they're both relationships between a "boss" and an "underling," but there's so much MORE there, as well.

And I really can't say enough awesome things about Mulch or Foaly, who provide awesome comic relief while also being complex characters. Love forever. <3


while it's not as evident in the first one, I love watching Artemis grow up in the subsequent books.

Wikipedia says this as well, but I noticed a definite personality shift around the point where he finds his mother hallucinating, thinking that the suit is actually Artemis I. He started questioning his own actions, like when he was lying to Holly about having her on an IV for three days, he actually feels guilty when he sees her reactions.
I didn't realize until I started listing it all out how much I'd read this month!

I started out listening to Artemis Fowl. Even though I liked the reader (I heard that he doesn't read the new one! Sadface!), I am still building my listening skills, so I read along with my PDF. Eventually I stopped listening and carried on reading on my own, because there was a lot of world-building, and I definitely have to focus and reread things then. I'm going to keep reading the series, maybe with the audiobooks as well, because I'm not sure if I like Artemis or not. I want to like him because he's got sass, but he's so sketchy! And he makes some really reprehensible choices. Actually, a lot of the characters' choices shocked me. It took me a while to get into it, but after reading an assassin!AU fanfic this week, I was in the right mood to finish it, and I liked it. I really like Eoin Colfer's style; he didn't dumb down the writing because it's a book marketed primarily to children.

I also listened to Bossypants by Tina Fey, which was hilarious. I definitely recommend the audiobook -- I'm sure the book itself is good, but Tina Fey is a great performer, so the audiobook was extra funny.

I read a great post on Dear Author about books that make you uncomfortable, and it launched me into a big YA kick, so I've got a few (read: a dozen) books from the library that I'm excited to start reading. I whipped through the Rainbow Boys series by Alex Sanchez, which I read every once in a while, usually when I feel writery. They're compulsively readable, and I enjoy them still, but the writing is a little iffy.

Part of my library stash this month was Best Lesbian Love Stories 2004, which had some crappy stories, but some that made me clutch my heart and awww. They weren't all porn, either, which was lovely. To fill my porn stash, I got Best of Best Lesbian Erotica 2 and picked up my two Black Lace Wicked Words collections (Sex on Holiday and Sex and Music) which have some great erotic short stories.

In terms of fanfic, I've actually cut back this month, which: yay! I have binged on everything in Grinto fandom (oh god Grinto is so cute it physically hurts me), and only re-read a few Pinto stories, like Whitelaw Books which makes me cry and happy at the same time. lousy_science convinced me to start reading/watching The Fast and The Furious fandom, so I'm getting started on that.

This is a lot of words. Needs moar gif.


I'm not sure you're SUPPOSED to like Artemis in this first one. I don't feel like Colfer ever shies away from the fact that Artemis is a Pretty Bad Dude - he has sympathetic elements, and a sympathetic situation, but in the end I'm always rooting for the fairies to rub his nose in the mess he makes.

Besides being his bodyguard, manservant, and all-around caretaker, I think one of Butler's main job is trying to guide Artemis into doing the right thing. And I think by the end of the book, he's a little bit more willing to be led there.

Artemis Fowl

I have to admit. I loved this book so much I was ashamed. When it first recommended, I'd heard of it, but didn't know any plot points, but just that a lot of my friends had read it and that it was usually recommended by other friends for fantasy. I put off reading it until mid-month, but once I started it, I was hooked. I was so mad when I'd have to go back to work after lunch. Definitely a good read. I didn't like Fowl at all, felt horrible for Butler with his indentured servitude, but of them all Holly was my favorite. I think I realized where it was heading early (maybe I was supposed to?) and kept thinking that Holly wouldn't end up where she did (skirting spoilers here), but in the end, I didn't see the ending coming at all and was pleasantly surprised (whoo loop holes). I do want to read the others, when I have more free time.

As for my own reading, I feel like I read so much this month, even though I can't prove it. I think I only read about 3 books this month and that includes AF. I did manage to read all of Sarah Dessen's Dreamland in one day. That book hooked me pretty bad, especially because I just threw it in my bag at the library for filler. I also read Lost & Found by Jaqueline Sheenan. This book was a total mind trip because I picked it up thinking it was a love story...and it sort of was, just with very little love (read hot sex scenes) involved. Eh, was still a good read.