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Road Trip Lit!

Couple of recommendations for you guys!  Brought to you by my YA lit class (which is really the only stuff I'll be reading unitl, like, January).

Ostrich Boys, by Keith Gray: A really touching high school road trip story about three guys dealing with the death of their best friend.  His name was Ross, so to honor him they decide to take his ashes to Ross, Scotland (it's set in England), and to say their journey doesn't go as smoothly as planned is an understatement.  It's got some rough stuff in there about how much it hurts to realize you don't know people as well as you might think, but the friendships portrayed are just.  So great.

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, by Morgan Matson: Also a road trip movie, but this one is thoroughly chick lit.  Amy's father dies (before the story starts) and her mom moves out to Conneticut, leaving Amy to drive the Jeep from California to the East Coast.  Due to a phobia of driving brought on by her dad's death, Amy's mom assigns Roger, the hot 19-year-old son of a friend, to drive her daughter across the country.  It's not subtle and the events are predictable, but it's got one of the most well-written casts of characters I've encountered in a long time.

The class theme yesterday was "journeys, literal and figurative."  Can you tell?  Next week is sex, drugs, and rock & roll, along with an in-depth discussion on the freedom to read and how to handle book challenges.  Excite!


I saw Amy & Roger's Epic Detour on a reclist a few weeks ago and put a hold on it at the library but I think I may have missed it because I've heard nada since then.

And ooooh, I'm glad you're doing that discussion around the time of the Intellectual Freedom Festival. :D