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Long Time No Chat

Guysssss.  We have been SO QUIET here.  What are people reading?

I hit my 52 book goal the other week, which made me feel super productive, and now I'm trying to hit 75 before the new year.  I read The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green, which made me realize that SOMEHOW I seem to always hit the parts of books that wreck me while I'm on public transportation (or on the elliptical, and let me tell you, crying while exercising is NOT GREAT for your lungs); I got a lot of strange looks while I was choking down the ugly sobs from this book.  

I read the first books in the Fablehaven and Ranger's Apprentice series based on recommendations from my junior volunteers - they're so fun, especially Fablehaven, which not only features a really strong brother-sister relationship but also has an awesome, strong, realistic heroine who problem-solves and allies with fairies and basically is the best at everything (Kendra, be my friend?).

The sequel to Spoiled, Messy by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, came out this summer and it is just as deliciously soapy and teen-catty and full of designer labels as the first one.  Also, snappy dialogue and an interesting plot.

ALSO, A REAL LIVE AUTHOR COMMENTED ON MY BOOK BLOG: I read one of Games Workshop's short story collections and mentioned how much I loved one story in particular, by Rob Sanders who I hadn't heard of but looked forward to reading more of, and then ROB SANDERS COMMENTED ON THE ENTRY AND WE HAD A CONVERSATION IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.  It was AWESOME, especially since I have like four readers total on that blog.

Do we want to do a book club book for November?  I hear daffodelias might have some Christmas romance to share with us...and lord knows I deeply appreciate a good Christmas romance.


I feel like such a slacker, but all I've been reading lately are history books for classes and Superhusbands fanfiction. I have so many books in my queue, but I haven't been able to really sit down and get into them. *le sigh*

I feel like we could do a club book for November, though. There's a nice break before finals rush, so I'm down.
I get lucky because most of the books I have to read for school are YA lit of some kind. So even when I'm not really digging the book, it's still more fun than a text book.

I'll be done with 95% of my school work in mid-November, so I am totally up for a November book club. Suggestions, anyone?
Travel reading - sci fi & pulpy crime, mostly. Great stuff from Lawrence Block and Frederik Pohl. Currently 1/2 way through Lee Server's Robert Mitchum biography which is a corker of a read. Definitely up for a November read, esp. as back home after long trip - I need the distraction.