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hiding in yarn

daffodelias in thosebooks

I <3 Tags

  • !sticky -- used for important announcements (e.g. next month's book), beginnings of read-alongs, ebook help
  • !read-along -- general tag for read-alongs; used for discussion posts, progress posts, party posts, anything pertaining to the read-along
  • !party post -- used for the end-of-the-month read-along party posts
  • !discussion -- used for read-along or general book talk
  • !recommendations -- used for non-read-along book recommendations and reviews
  • !intro post -- used for the intro survey posts
  • !goal post -- used for monthly goal announcements and progress posts

Read-along materials will be announced (with links to find copies online or in local libraries/stores) on the 15th of the month to give readers enough time to find a copy.

The read-alongs will begin the following month on the 1st.

There will be a discussion/progress post for the read-along roughly halfway through the month, probably on a Friday.

If you want to post your own reading goals, feel free to do so any time. There will be a progress post for individual goals close to the end of the month.

At the end of the month, there will be a party post to celebrate the end of the read-along, accomplishing personal reading goals, or just to party.

(This should be backdated, but I apparently broke LJ.)